July 31, 2012

More on Using a Serger

If this blog peaks your curiosity, please don't give up on me. My blog entries will become more regular beginning NOW.

I believe that my last blog entry was deceitful. I have still been afraid of my serger. Like it or not, there is a learning curve that I think I've just about overcome.

I now see that my serger is distinctly different from my regular sewing machine.The sewing area of the serger--including the presser foot, the feed dog, and the markings used to line up the fabric--is distinctly different from that of my Kenmore computerized sewing machine:
  1. Fabric can not be placed directly underneath the presser foot. It must be placed in front of the presser foot, barely underneath the front of it, where the feed dog grabs the fabric and pulls it along.
  2. There are no margin markings to the side of the presser foot; margin markings are toward the front.
  3. Moving the threads away from the presser foot may require the use of tweezers. 
Getting the fabric ready to sew feels awkward at best. Experience with a regular sewing machine almost makes serging more confusing. Nevertheless, here is my latest stitch. This is a three-thead narrow overlock stitch done with two lower loopers and one needle thread.

I think that having support with the serger makes using it much more enjoyable. Since I cannot buy a serger in my town or take a class in my town, I joined a couple of online support groups for those with sergers. I have been studying (the serger book) and practicing some of the suggestions in the book. At some point a light went on, and I think I understand the inside workings of the serger.

In spite of my small successes, I decided to invest in a serger that is manufactured by a company who specializes in sewing machines. I am now the proud owner of a Babylock Imagine BLA1AT. 

Although I have vast sewing experience, I have shied away from working with knits. Because I want to be able to make my American Girl tights, pajamas, t-shirts and other stretch garments, I am determined to finally master a machine that will assist me.

More about Babylock in my next blog.

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  1. You're going to love your Babylock serger! I have an Imagine Wave and an Evolution--had two separate sewing rooms until recently. They have made sewing for full and pint sizes alike wonderful again!


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